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Requirements – a bad habit

Jeff Patton has written an interesting post called Requirements considered harmful to spark a discussion on the use of the word “requirements” in the software industry. He argues that the word “requirements” leads us to the wrong behavior. There is … Continue reading

Agile Requirements

Agile documentation issues

Traditionally our main documentation issue has often been too much documentation – and being done when we have the least information (at the start of the project). Some agile set-ups have started to have the opposite issue – not enough … Continue reading

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Product risk

Most professional project managers are actively handling project risks together with the team. And some of those risks are usually related to the product. But in complex product development I would recommend to have rofuces workshop(s) on product risks – … Continue reading

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Splitting User Stories

There’s already several articles on splitting of User Stories out there, but I have a slightly different approach – and a new acronym that I like to share so bare with me. My advice is to INVEST inĀ  good functional … Continue reading

Agile Requirements

Agile vs Traditional Requirements

What’s the difference between Agile Requirements and traditional requirements (using some broad generalizations)? A couple of key characteristics sets them apart: Format Purpose Timing Sizing Participation Details Priority Change handling Lifespan Format Agile Requirements can be expressed in any format … Continue reading

Agile Requirements