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Be careful with self-directed and self-selected teams

I believe too much power to the teams is risky in large scale agile implementations. Some of the reasons I have describe in When to use SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). Another aspect that concerns me is the level of self-organization.¬† … Continue reading

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When to use SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)

There is a huge debate in the agile community around the SAFe framework. A lot of agilists seem to pretty much hate it. Ken Schwaber for example: unSAFe at any speed. Ken’s main criticism seems to be that consultants and … Continue reading

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Scaling agile in small organizations

The organization does not have to be huge to have a need for scaled agile decision making. A while back (before SAFe existed) I was working in a small organization (30 people, 3 Scrum teams, 2 products). We were doing … Continue reading

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Scrum Master vs Project Manager

Many companies have¬† decided to keep the Project Manager role more or less intact while adding the new role of Scrum Master. Is this good? Is this what the founders of Scrum intended? In general I think the answer is … Continue reading

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Requirements – a bad habit

Jeff Patton has written an interesting post called Requirements considered harmful to spark a discussion on the use of the word “requirements” in the software industry. He argues that the word “requirements” leads us to the wrong behavior. There is … Continue reading

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Soft Assign in Sprint Planning

In teams that are still bit too specialized it can sometimes make sense to do something I call Soft Assign. Soft Assign (as I have defined it in this context – it has other meanings as well) means that in … Continue reading

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Story Bidding

I recently met a fellow Agile Coach. He had invented an elaborate way of bidding on tasks in a sprint as a way of matching what people wanted to do with what got assigned. It was Excel based and could … Continue reading

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Choosing Scrum or Kanban

Many teams start out with Scrum and over the years they remove stuff – and add WIP limits – and come closer and closer to Kanban. Many teams start out with Kanban and over the time add things like Sprints … Continue reading

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Planning Poker vs Table Sorting

Many agile teams have discovered Planning Poker, which is a well known and proven practice. But there is an interesting alternative to Planning Poker that can work very well under certain conditions. I call it Table Sorting (don’t know the … Continue reading

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Agile documentation issues

Traditionally our main documentation issue has often been too much documentation – and being done when we have the least information (at the start of the project). Some agile set-ups have started to have the opposite issue – not enough … Continue reading

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