About Agile Management

Agile Management is a blog about all things agile – and lean.
The focus is more on the big picture and less on details around technical stuff.

Why Agile Management and not Agile Leadership or something like that? Well, there are several reasons, but the main one is that a lot of people look for information on Agile Management – and not so many for Agile Leadership. And one way of looking at it is that Agile Management is a broader term, including Leadership within it.

It is the personal blog of Thomas Karlsson, Agile Coach at Softhouse.

I hope you enjoy it, and please take active part in the discussions!

/ Thomas


  1. Hi Thomas,
    i read your Blog when and how make value out of SAFe.
    I have to say, – great text.
    Mostly every sentence is valuable and a very good positioning of that topic.
    May be, we could contact each other in linkedin or we could meet at ALE 2014 in Krakau …

    Best regards Kurt J├Ąger

    • Thomas

      Hi Kurt,

      Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!
      I won’t be in Krakau, but we can definitely connect on LinkedIn. I’ll send a request.


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